[AUCTION] The Greatest of Auctions

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  1. Okay guys, be prepared. There are 6 different DC in this awesome auction. I foresee this auction going for upwards of 1 million rupees. Included in this amazing package is:

    1 Doublechest of Dirty Dirt!
    1 Doublechest of Off-Green Colored Sugarcane!
    1 Doublechest of Round Eggs!
    1 Doublechest of Magical Enderpearls!
    1 Doublechest of Frosting Covered Cake!
    1 Doublechest of Hardcore Wooden Swords!

    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increase: 10r
    End Time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Pick-up: 14859 on smp7 inside the giant teddy bear made out of leaves :cool:

    2013-07-24_18.57.14.png 2013-07-24_18.57.27.png 2013-07-24_18.57.36.png 2013-07-24_18.57.43.png 2013-07-24_18.57.49.png 2013-07-24_18.57.54.png

    Do not miss out on this auction full of stuff that I am sure all you want more than anything else!
  2. The wood swords got me.
  3. 500r
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  4. 600 ( Sam, for 100r I'll give you the swords if I win :p , I'm in it for the cake )
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  5. I'm in it for all. 700
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  6. Well I wanna be part of the fun too.

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  7. 1.1k for the lolz
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  8. why not 1111
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  9. Oh yeah?! 1121 then! High roller over here!
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  10. im buying for the dirt :)
    yeh can't beat me, folk
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  11. 1148 <--My residence number AND my bid (How cool is that?!)
  12. 1,160! the canes....they are pulling me in
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  13. 1200
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  14. 2k
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  15. WOAH MBA. Dont get crazy. I'm not sure I've got the scratch to match a high bid like that...

    2010 2013
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