[AUCTION] The flying killer

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  1. You sense a squiddy presence
    That's right! Its me again :p
    Today I bring you an amazing auction (of course it is)
    1 Marlix Bow ~ Stolen from marlix whilst attending a dance party, silly marlix.
    1 Marlix Helmet ~ Used to be used as a prop for the infamous Robin Hood play screened at Empire Theatre
    1 Marlix Chesplate ~ Bearing the number 7, it was used in the Charity match between Marlix XI and Momentus F.C and worn by Scotty Shot
    1 Marlix Leggings ~ John Bat's favourite fancy dress piece before he donated it to charity
    1 Marlix Boots ~ From the 1920's a super rare collector item due to its gold laces and diamond studs worn by Grave Rigby in the 1924 rugby world cup

    Start price: 1r
    Minimum bid increment: 5k
    Auction end time: 48 hours after last valid bid
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  2. 5,001
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  3. 10,001r
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  4. BUMP! More rupeez pls!
  5. 22001 r
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  6. 125,000r
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  7. BUMP! Current rate is 25k each
  8. Very low
  9. cowland123 wins with 140 thousand rupees!
    Which equals 28k per piece!
    Items will be mail upon payment
  10. Dang I cant believe I won. I will pay now.
  11. You sent me the set of armor but not the bow?