[Auction] The Explorer Bundle!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Celori, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Well I haven't really been on much but I have had this kit ready for a while now. Might as well auction it in case I quite for good and it goes to waste.
    2012-08-24_20.29.26.png 2012-08-24_20.29.28.png 2012-08-24_20.29.30.png 2012-08-24_20.29.31.png 2012-08-24_20.29.32.png
    The contents are as followed:
    Fire Protection III, Respiration II Diamond Helmet
    Protection II Diamond Chestplate
    Protection II Diamond Leggings
    Protection II, Feather Falling IV Diamond Boots
    Power II Bow
    Starting Price: 200
    Minimum Increments: 100
    Winner is declared 24 hours after last bidder.
    If that winner does not pay for it 24 hours after they win, it goes back up at the 2nd highest bid to start.
    (BTW, if oidgod sees this, you never picked up your Protector's kit. ;) Please do so.)
  2. Lets get this puppy rolling 3k

    Hey lehm! I dont see you much anymore on Smp7. :(
  3. 3333r mahaha
  4. Well Dwight5273 is leading and BTW ilikeapig, Im on smp8. I saw you on for a min when i posted this XD I have been rarely palying lately though.
  5. XD wow im really late... well Dwight won... come pick it up at 16799 once i set it up for you. just gotta check/wait for payment...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.