(AUCTION) The Escape Plan

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  1. Item: Diamond Pickaxe with the name "The Escape Plan" with Efficiency 4

    Starting bid 500R

    Minimal bids: 75R.

    Auction ends after 24 hours have past since last post.
  2. The description of the item.

    You're trapped in a corner, with Creepers and other no good sonsofNotches, and you need a way out, and fast. Well, any normal chump will just have a normal pickaxe, but not YOU! You will have the ESCAPE PLAN! Mine 4X's faster than the normal chump! Mine Diamonds faster than the normal chump! Do EVERYTHING faster than the normal chump. (Get your mind out of the gutter young man, I know what you're thinking) So bid today, and get this excellent pickaxe at possibly a VERY bad price!
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  3. 750r
    And what if I'm trapped in a bedrock box?
  4. That's not Legit.Co's problem.
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  6. Cordial has the lead at 900R.
  7. Truffle is in the lead with 975R. Sure, it might not biodegrade or even dig holes, but its a VERY good pickaxe!
  8. Come on people, I know for a fact that some of you chumps are lost in a cave and need a good pickaxe!
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  9. what did you just call me?
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  10. A chump.
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  11. You have won with 975R! Please pay and then pick it up at 7291, SMP3.
  12. Is it this from tf2?
  13. The name, yes.
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  14. How about an equalizer?
  15. Working on it, but it will be a sword with sharpness.
  16. time to re-texture my diamond swords :p
  17. If you do not pay in two hours, the pickaxe will go to Cordial for 900R.
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