(Auction The Double Chest Of Awesomeness 2

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  1. Today i am auctioning the Double Chest Of Awesomeness (2)

    The Chest Contains:
    64x TNT
    2x Iron Block
    2x Gold Block
    2x Diamond Block
    1152x Nether Warts
    896x Slime Ball
    Diamond Pickaxes:
    1x Fortune III
    1x Efficiency IV, Silk Touch I
    2x Fortune III,Unbreaking III,Efficiency
    Diamond Swords:
    1x Sharpness IV,Knockback II

    3x Sharpness IV,Knockback II , Looting III
    Starting Bid-1r
    Minimal Bid Increasement-1
    The Auction Will End 24hour After Last Bid
  2. and some how there is 2 pictures..
  3. yeee can any mod edit the first picture and delete it
  4. 2,200 Rupee's
  5. 5k (this was going too slowly :p)
  6. golfer aready bidded 5k
  7. .. wtf are u looking at =/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.