[Auction] The Constructed Book and Quill x2

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  1. Item(s): 2 DC's of the finest book and quills, all constructed ready for your instant creativity!
    Start Bid: 2k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 200r so we can get some awesome bidding wars!
    Pickup: 18318 on Smp9, in the auction winners & misc building!

    Happy bidding ;)

  2. 2k
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  3. 4.2k
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  4. 5k
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  5. 5.2k
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  7. Book Bump Poem:

    Bow Enchants
    K......stuff :)
  8. 5.5k
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  9. Final Bump!
  10. When does this end?
  11. It has ended now.
    You have won, once 5.5k has been sent just reply on this thread and I will setup chests at 18318 ;)
  12. Paid,
    First auction i actually win
  13. Chest setting up now ;)
  14. Chests setup at 18318. Auction is over.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.