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  1. Hello maggots and maggets! *What was that? Calling people maggots is bad for business? IT IS?!?!?! I oughta punch the teeth in of the hippie who decided that... Oh, were on air? Oh, lets hope they didn't catch that...* I mean hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Legit.co's newest auction, THE ADVENTURE SET! Today we will be auctioning off three fine items that you sorry sacks of scum wonderful people should be proud to own! These items are....

    • A bow with unbreaking 3, flame 2, and power 2
    • A sword with bane of arthropods 4
    • And a pickaxe with unbreaking 3 and efficiency 4
    The bidding shall start at 500R, and must increase by 50R a bid. This auction will end at 730PM MDT. Now have fun draining your wallets for these three wonderful-totally-not-knock-offs-made-in-China items!
  2. The text didn't change size back to normal... :p Oh well...
  3. I offer 600r highest I will probably go...
  4. 650r, woo!
  5. oops didn't load ur comment so

  6. 2^5*5^2+(2*sqrt(5))^2.
  7. Can I assume that's 10k? :p
  8. Ehm.... No.
  9. it seems nether said 1620
    even if that's too high i will still say 1670r
  10. Nothing is ever too high if you want it. :)
  11. I was just wondering if my math was off :p
    And you have convinced me further... 1720r!
  12. if my math is correct, nether's bid was invalid, and was only 820r

    therefore, the next valid bid wud be 850r by spidey329

    so, in my opinion, with legit's approval, lucky should be able to change his bid since he was under the false impression that the bid was way higher than it really was; if he wants to, of course
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  13. You are right, I double checked, the use of ^ (( )) and sqrt always gets me when I program too
    Keep my bid though, a higher bid prevents people from trying to outbid me ;)
  14. I (and my rupee wallet) like the way you think. :p
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