[AUCTION] Superfast Mules & Donkeys (5 of each)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Cinnamonyoshi, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Have you ever looked at all your horses and just wished you had some lovely mules and donkeys that were equally fast (or maybe even faster)? Why, then this is the auction for you! :)

    Looking for a new home are five mules with speeds over 115 and five donkeys with speeds over 113! Full stats are in the spoiler below:


    S: 118.46% J: 77.74% HP: 21.44

    S: 118.72% J: 69.64% HP: 21.61

    S: 119.17% J: 64.64% HP: 21.19

    S: 116.62% J: 70.12% HP: 22.28

    S: 116.79% J: 74.03% HP: 21.11


    S: 116.62% J: 71.50% HP: 23:10

    S: 114.49% J: 71.09% HP: 23.15

    S: 114.79% J: 73.35% HP: 22.43

    S: 115.48% J: 73.04% HP: 22.29

    S: 113.23% J: 71.93% HP: 24.15

    Starting bid: 50r
    Minimum bid increase: 100r

    Auction will end 24 hours after last valid bid has been made

    Happy Bidding!

    (Apologies - I can't seem to upload screenshots at the moment)
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  2. 3k. Let me take it from here boys.
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  3. 5k how about no
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  4. You guys must really hate me. 8,100r
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  5. 9,100r
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  6. Haha 10k
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  7. 10,100r
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  8. Back off. 11k
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  9. I have a mall to run, donkeys and mules to breed
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  10. I need them for stuff. 15k
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  11. Well that escalated quickly :). Bump!
  12. You are the winner! Once you've paid an access sign will be set up for you at 8058 on SMP4
  13. I'll pay later today as soon as I can
  14. Ok let me know. I'm away from my computer until at least this sort of time tomorrow so won't be able to make the sign til then anyway
  15. oh man sorry i forgot to pay you i will do that right now
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  16. Thanks for payment! I'll set up sign once I'm back to my computer which should be no later than this time tomorrow
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