[AUCTION] Super Speedy Steeds - 11 Horses with 3 Digit Speed!

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  1. Item(s):
    11 Super Speedy Steeds!
    104-113% Speed Horses

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut None
    113.62% Speed
    65.10% Jump
    20.58 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut Black Dots
    112.04% Speed
    67.16% Jump
    22.58 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut None
    108.46% Speed
    64.41% Jump
    19.24 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut White Dots
    106.97% Speed
    69.89% Jump
    19.58 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut None
    106.51% Speed
    72.60% Jump
    21.58 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut None
    105.91% Speed
    64.93% Jump
    20.91 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Gray None (Finally, something that is not Chestnut!)
    104.53% Speed
    62.04% Jump
    23.17 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut None (Oh, not these again..)
    104.43% Speed
    67.90% Jump
    19.24 HP

    Chestnut Whitefield
    104.37% Speed
    68.10% Jump
    23.02 HP
    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut None
    104.32% Speed
    63.07% Jump
    22.46 HP

    Spawn Horse
    Chestnut None
    104.08% Speed
    68.94% Jump
    21.58 HP

    Starting Bid: 2,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment:
    200 rupees
    Auction ends
    24 hours after final bid!

    Good luck to all bidders, Fendinator out!
  2. Bump I think..? :p
  3. Kinda need them, and it looks like you arent getting any bids, so 2k :p
  4. Bump! Who can beat PureBred to get some fast horsies? :)
  5. Well, I'm out of money. lol. T-T
  6. Please only post in an auction if it is a question about the item itself, something I missed in the auction, or an actual bid. Thank you.
  7. Bump, bump, bump it up!
  8. Frantic Friday Bump :3
  9. It's Saturday, lol!
  10. Wait, that's because I'm in GMT...
  11. So am I. But I know this is an American server and so I based time off EST and CST. Sorry but this also applies:
  12. Bump me thinks!
  13. Can anyone beat Kyle's 10k bid? :D
  14. Bang on time bump! Last bump till Kyle wins, can anyone take it from the winning bid of 10k? :D
  15. You have won. Chest is setup at my first res on Smp9. Pay 10k when you pickup. Thanks! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.