[Auction] Super Slick Shears!

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  1. Item: Enchanted shears "Super Slick Shears"

    Unbreaking III
    Efficiency V
    Silk Touch I
    Starting Bid: 1,000 rupees (1k)
    Minimum Bid Increase: 200 rupees
    Auction ends in 24 hours after last valid bid!
    Pickup at 18318 on smp9 after the winner has paid please! ~FDNY21
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  3. Bump for Super Slick Shears!
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  5. Yet another bump! :D ~FDNY21
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  7. Bump! ~FDNY21
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  11. BUMP :cool: ~FDNY21
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  13. BUMP :cool: ~FDNY21
  14. Who wants to shear some sheep or get some cobwebs real fast? :cool: ~FDNY21
  15. Anybody willing to beat sideshow to the steal? Bump :D ~FDNY21
  16. Looks like you have won sideshow! Pay me and once I see payment in my account the chest will be on 18318 Smp9 in the auction house (You should see it when you get there!) Good job :cool: ~FDNY21
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  17. All paid ;)
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