[Auction] Super Enchantment Set!

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  1. Auction: Super Enchantment Set with assorted Level 30 Enchantments. See Spoiler for full list of each item.
    Starting Bid: 30,000r
    Minimum Bid Increments: 1,000r
    Auction Ends: 48hrs after last valid bid
    Pickup: 18029 on SMP9

    1x Unbreaking III, Efficiency V
    2x Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV
    1x Efficiency IV, Silk Touch I
    1x Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Silk Touch I
    1x Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Fourtune III
    1x Unbreaking III, Fortune III

    Please Note, Flame II is NOT possible to get by enchanting, they are dropped by Enraged Skeletons. All Bows have been obtained by killing Enraged Skeletons
    4x Unbreakin III, Flame II, Power II
    3X Unbreaking III, Power III

    Helmet: Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I,
    Chestplate: Protection IV, Unbreaking III
    Leggings: Protection IV
    Boots: Protection IV, Feather Falling IV

    17x Silk Touch I
    4x Thorns III
    2x Looting III

  2. Bump, no bids so far
  3. Lowering Starting Bid to 25k
  4. Bump! STILL no bids! C'mon people!
  5. I would like to bid, but the price is a tad steep. If it comes down to 20k I'd like to start there.
  6. There's 43 high level enchanted items in this pack. Even 30k was a great deal for all of it. Starting bid remains at 25k
  7. Im getting this auction started! 25k and its mine!
  8. I don't have the money :/
  9. I have bout 3k
  10. Bump, ShadowPARLE leads with 30k, a steal for all these enchants!
  11. Oh man I forgot about this auction, only a few minutes until darklands wins!
  12. Darklands99 has won with a bid of 33k. Please send payment ASAP and I will set up a chest on 18029, in the Auction Pickup room
  13. sorry it took me so long. I was out of town for a few days. I will get on and pay it now.
  14. paid. let me know when and where to pick it up
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.