[Auction] Super Bow!

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  1. Item:
    Power V Unbreaking III Infinity I Flame I Punch II Bow
    Minimal bid increments:
    500 rupees
    Starting Bid: 3,500 rupees Auction Ends:
    24hrs after final bid
  2. Sorry, mis-read
  3. I thought this said super bowl XD

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  4. Same
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  5. Ditto.
    Super bowl?
    Oh and 5k
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  6. Won. Pick up at 11100 on SMP5 at the back of the Loong Shop. Please pay before picking up!
  7. I can't find it.
  8. Forward from res spawn, TP on the left walk forward. at the end should be a auction chest.
  9. Found it. Thanks.
  10. I read this as Super Bowl, and was expecting a bowl. :p
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