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  1. Items:
    • 1DC or Birch Logs
    • 1DC of Diorite
    • 1DC of Andesite
    • 1DC of Granite
    • 2DC of Fire Resistance (8:00)
    • 1DC of Stone
    • 2DC of CobbleStone
    • 3DC of Blue Orchid
    • 3DC of Sand
    • 3DC of Glass
    • 3DC of Sandstone
    • 4DC of Hardened Clay
    Starting Bid: 10,000r
    Minimum Bid Increments: 69r
    Ends: 96 Hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: /v +stew on smp2
    Items can be previewed at pickup location, and I can provide screenshots upon request.

    As some may know my laptop charge port is messed up so to charge I have to have the computer at like a 90 degree angle, my battery is also messed up so I have to have it charging at all time to work which is super uncomfortable. I was in the process of making a bulk shop but this issue set me back- so the items being auctioned used to be my stock. I am going to get my laptop fixed eventually but until then this will be my last auction (dont worry, I can log on for short amounts of time so the winner will still get their items! :)). Thanks guys!
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  2. 15k
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  3. 40k
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  4. 50069r
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  5. Invalid Bid^^ RunningRhino last bid is 50069r
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  6. i meant 51k god damn
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  7. 51069
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  8. 60k
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  9. 69,069r
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  10. 79,079
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  11. 90K
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  12. 100k
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  13. 110K
    I need this >.<
  14. I need this more 120k
  15. I need this most. 150K
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