Auction Sugar Cane

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  1. Item: Sugar Cane
    Amount: Double Chest :p
    Starting Bid: 350r
    Bid Increments: Raise by 200r Minimum
    Pick up: Will be at smp7 - 15177.

    Happy Bidding guys!
  2. Edit: Ending time: 36 hours after last valid bid with none after it.
  3. Magical bump! common guys :p
  4. 350
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  5. 750r
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  6. 1750r
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  7. Buuuump magical time
  8. BUMP. GenBIkGuy will win in a bit under 8 hours :p
  9. GenBIkGuy wins! Pay me and I will get an access chest on my res.
  10. ok payments has been sent.
  11. Auction chest is up. 15177 smp7
  12. need container perm to open it
  13. No there is an acces chest
  14. yeah, I still can't open it. I need a container flag to have access to the sugar cane chest on your res. How about meeting up on your res at the time of your recent post 12:22 AM (shown on my screen)?
  15. You need to go on smp7 now or you cant get it for a while. Because im resetting my res
  16. My bad, just leave a message when I'm able to retrieve it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.