(auction) Stone Bricks 3 DOUBLE chest fulls

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by MVPdrose, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. 162 of your favorite stone bricks :) 3 double chest fulls of them

    Ends after 24 hours of last bid
    Minimum bid increase: 100r
    Starting bid: 500r
  2. I am not sure if the multiple chests in an auction have been approved...
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  3. o i didnt know i just assumed it was ok
  4. So If we Buy This , You'll Get 3 Doublechests of Stone Bricks.. Correct ?
  5. 162 bricks? Wat?
  6. 7,000 Rupees
  7. 162 stacks
  8. you cant auction off more then one dbl chest at a time
  9. I'm waiting until the OP clarifies the actual number of bricks.
  10. he was saying 162 stacks of bricks but you cant auction off more then one dbl chest at a time so the auction is invalid
  11. well.. just in case 8k..
  12. I think this could be interpreted either way:
    Any item in bulk (Double Chests ONLY with STACKED items in each slot, or 54 unstackable items) For example: 54 Buckets or 54 FULL stacks of Diamonds

    Note that it's double chests plural. If more than one double chest is not allowed, maybe this should be re-worded.
  13. Actually the OP didn't say "stacks" of bricks. It just says bricks.
  14. it is implied because there are 54 stacks of bricks in each double chest and their are three double chests implying there is 162 stacks of stone brick
  15. No offense, but unless you have asked a mod it will be closed soon.
  16. We do not allow multiple chest auctions, please auction them off seperately (taking into account you are allowed 5 at a given time).

    Locking thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.