[Auction] Starter Gear (CLOSED)

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  1. Items:
    Starter Armor:
    Starter Helmet-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    Starter Chestplate-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    Starter Leggings-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    Starter Boots-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    All of which are made out of Iron!

    Starter Tools:

    Starter Sword-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    Starter Pickaxe-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    Starter Shovel-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    Starter Axe-Unbreaking III Soulbound
    All of which are made out of iron!

    Starting Bid: 5k

    Minimum bid increments: 500r

    Auction End Time: 72 hours after last bid


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  2. bumpity bump
  3. The assistant, the horse, and the getting started book are not part of the auction as they do not abide the auction rules.
  4. Thanks Ethy. Without you, this whole auction would be a total mess.

    I'll have a mod remove them from the post.
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  5. Compass, book and quill, and starter horse have been removed, everyone is now bidding on the enchanted items.
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  6. Question, are this the old or new starter armour?
  7. Almost positive that its the new starter armor. BTW: BUMP
  8. I paid you.
    Please let me know where the access chest is.
    Or if you /mail them to me, I will then pay your /mail fees for these 8 items.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.