[AUCTION] Special Edition Empire Minecraft Firework

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Aphors, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. Item: Special Edition Empire Minecraft Firework

    Starting Bid : 20,000r

    Minimum Raise : 200r

    Auction Ending Time : Exactly 24 hours since the last bid
  2. I'm not sure if firework auctions were ever allowed, but if they are;

    Just a reminder that you can only buy this from the server that Aphors is selling it from. :) It will not work in the vault.
  3. What server are you on Aphors?
  4. Nvm i just saw your banner.. I assume you're on smp5. Good luck with the auction!
  5. Yeah EMC Firework auctions are allowed, it was maxarias that suggested I auction it in the first place
    Also, My res is on SMP5, Which is where I bought it
  6. They really should let you use the empire firework in the vault, but they must have a reason for not letting players use it :p
  7. Its a bug, they are trying to fix it
  8. It was said in the post about the firework. Items like book loose their specs. The firework would lose all of its features if put in the vault.
  9. Oh Ok, had no idea :D
  10. jrm531 Is in the lead with 20k (Arent you and MVPDrose making that awesome mega-mall?)
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  11. yea i tried an auction the other day. Its def allowed just might be better if you would of waited till the vault bug was fixed. Youd get probobly alot more money out of it
  12. Too late now lol :p
  13. u know it.... smp5 at 11114 not open yet :D
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  14. Yeo, I bought iron from there, I feel all I'm getting from this auction is 20K
  15. Ehh good enough?
  16. Its only been 2 hours since the last bid -_- calm yourself
  17. lol its been 2 maybe 3 hours :D
  18. I know, but now theres only 4 hours left xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.