* AUCTION * Special Diamond Sword - Turkey Slicer {ended}

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  1. EMC Thanksgiving 2013 Promo Diamond Sword - Turkey Slicer
    Excellent defense sword: Sharpness 5, Knockback 3, Fire aspect 2
    Ultra long lasting: Unbreaking 5
    Soulbound: will not drop on death!

    Starting price: 2000 r
    Min. increment: 100 r
    Pickup: smp6, /v +mm
    Auction ends: 24h after the last valid bid

    Turkey Slicer.png
  2. stahp it FDNY
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  3. 11k
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  4. Thanks Tatterd - I see you have already paid 1r :)
    Please pay 10999r and I'll set up the chest for you in the storage area of 12162 on smp6.
    Central building - door - down the tree - follow the gravel path.
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  5. Thank you - your chest is ready!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.