[AUCTION] Some promos and more cool stuff :D

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  1. Starting bid 1k
    increase bid 1k
    Pickup: /v +Jst on smp8
    aux ending: 48 hours after last valid bid
    1 slightly used cupid bow
    1 sponge
    1 shiny flesh
    1 Magical eggcelant wand
    1 dragon stone fragment
    Haunted candy: 2 gunpowder 1 spider eye 1 enderpearl 1 rotten flesh

    have fun and happy bidding :D
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  3. Invalid Auction
    • Shiny flesh must be in 5 stacks
    • frags must be in 64 quantity
    • Candy must be in 5 stacks
    • Sponge in DC

    Sorry pal
  4. I won't bother repeating the reasons why this auction is invalid, as they've all been said already, so I will simply close the thread. Please make sure to thoroughly read the auction rules before making another auction; thanks. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.