AUCTION: SMP8 Enchanted Items

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  1. All diamond Picks, Swords, and Armor, plus a few Bows.
    All level 30 enchantments.
    Min. bid increaments of 500r.
    Starting bid is 10k
    After 24 hours after the last bid is given the bidder who is the last one to bid wins.
    Happy Bidding!!!!@!##!!!
  2. Can you post a picture of the enchantments and please make a list of them so people know what they're bidding on.
  3. lol forgot to say its a chest full of it

  4. Of course srry i didnt do tht
  5. enchanted items for sale:

    Diamond Swords:
    Smite 4 Knockback 2 2x
    Smite 4 Knockback 2 Fire Aspect 2 1x (accidentaly used; hit ground on accident)
    Sharpness 2 kknockback 1 1x
    Sharpness 3 Knockback 2 1x
    Smite 1 Knockback 1 2x
    Fire Aspect 1 Sharpness 2x
    Smite IV Knockback 2 looting 3 1x

    Diamond Picks:

    Efficiency 3 unbreaking 3 silk touch 1 1x
    Efficiency 2 2x
    Silk touch 1 1x
    Unbreaking 3 Effiecency 3 1x
    Effeicency 2 unbreaking 2 1x
    Unbreaking 3 1x
    unbreaking 2 4x
    fortune 2 efficiency 4 1x
    efficiency 4 1x
    efficiency 2 1x
    Unbreaking 3 efficiency 4 fortune 3 1x
    Infinity 1 Power 3 1x
    Punch 1 power 2 1x
    -projectile protection 4

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  6. again srry i didnt post tht already
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