AUCTION: Smp5. 11466. Diamond pick with efficency III, Unbreaking III and Silk tocuh I

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  1. *FIRST OFF- Item is up for sale in my shop with a buy it now price of 20,000r so if it sells there, the auction is closed.
    *Starting bid/reserve price- 13,000r
    *Auction closes at 12 pm PST or in the case of a buy it now, at that time.
    *Failure of winner to pay will result in loss of participation from future events.
    *Upon payment, auction winner will recieve a chest in a room that only they have access too at my residence of 11466.
    Thank you all and Good luck!!

  2. 9 hours left on this auction!! Hurry and get it now!
  3. i would bid but im curently out of rupees only gto 10k
  4. My silk touch auctions rarely get over 17K -- Your starting price is a little high, and that's why no one is bidding.
  5. Yeah I would go 12k
  6. 12k is my bid
  7. I fetched 8k for a just silk pick, I figure with the unbreaking i could get a pit more. the efficency is a bonus. I'll bring the opening bid down to 16k.
  8. Sorry, opener is 16. You're out unless your bid is higher than 16k.
  10. Lol expansive? I'm sure that's not the right word...
  11. FINE! I'll bring the opening bid to 13k! Last price markdown. Auction ends at 12 PM PST.
  12. Auction closes in 2 hours!