[Auction] SMP4 paradise project grab-bag!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Johnsface101, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. well, time for the second auction of mine, for the SMP4 paradise project!

    This grab-bag includes:
    1) Maxarias Signed book.*
    2) Saltar, Collectors condition**
    3) 5 name-tags!

    Starting-bid: 5000
    Minimum raise increment: 450

    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid.

    *collectors book with little stories by Maxarias
    ** still has lore
  2. I NEED dat book

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  3. 16k, I need that horse :confused:
    Haro, willing to split?
  4. Yea I'll pay half for the book and tags
  5. 30k

    Oh come on..
  6. bumpty humpty =P
  7. WAY too early in the morning to bump a post...bump =P
  8. if this thing gets over 61,250r, I'll auction off a DoubleChest of Quartz Blocks, when this ends!

  9. If anyone wants to split me be my guest, I just want the books.. Or if you can't afford to bid over me I'll sell you the salter and tags through PM if you want.

    Just saying
  10. I want the book also however if u win I will take altar off u...for the right price
  11. I really want the book for my collection, willing to split? I need duh book :(
  12. I need the book too and I'm not paying 15k for saltar egg
  13. Fair enough.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.