[AUCTION] Smite III Knockback I Fire aspect I Diamond Sword

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by QuilliamPenn, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. I'm selling a Smite III Knockback I Fire Aspect I Diamond Sword. Brand new
    Bidding starts at 1k and minimum bid increments is 100
    Stops when no one else bids for 24 hours or someone hits 50k (most likely won't happen tho XD)
    Once we have a final bidder I will meet you on smp7 at 14649 and we will exchange money and sword
  2. Wow no bidders yet...........
  3. Pateraterick is in the lead with 1k
  4. pater you may be the owner of this sword lol
  5. 5k
    Also, I keep trying to find you to buy a room at your hotel, but I never can...
  6. Damn
  7. Margarette leads with 5k and will win at midnight tonight if no one else bids
    also about my hotel sorry about that i have been really busy lol
    Pm me and we will set somthing up
  8. Well go margaritte!
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  9. Yeah go margaritte give more money to bid in auctions with XD
    (i like bidding in auctions :p)
  10. margaritte will own this sword in 2 hours :p
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  11. im going to bed lol i will confirm if you win tommorow morning lol
    i will set up a chest or we can do it in person :D
  12. Auction is over Margaritte won with a 5k bid
    PM me here or on the server when you want to pick it up margaritte
  13. I've paid you, but you must be afk, because you are not responding to my PM's.
  14. Your not PMing me lol i am not getting any
  15. Margaritte the sword is in a chest on 14650
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  16. Oh, snap -- could you meet me on 9, or stick it in a chest in my room there, maybe? I've gotten myself way out in the wild on 7 and I'm not ready to come back :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.