[AUCTION] Single XP Bottle! [INVALID]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Brisingr34, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. (No pic, on iPod)

    Yes this auction is legal!

    AmusedStew:Mr.GameKribJim told me in chat that EXP Bottles fall in the enchants category for auctions so this is allowed

    Starting bid:1r
    Minimum bid increase:10r
    Auction ends: Monday,June 10th 12pm EST
    Pickup at 10013

    Happy bidding!
  2. NOT BUMPING!! But if Nether bid 1 which he did you must bid 101r to make it valid :)
  3. Bwah totally got there first... 150r
  4. NOT BUMPING sorry I thought the minimum bid was 100r xD NEVERMIND
  5. You do know you out the minimum bid requirement at 10r? right?
  6. Didnt see your second post my bad :p
  7. 2k for 1?
  8. That actually is a good question, is it 1 exp bottle or 1 Sc?
  9. The title of the thread definitely doesnt give that away.
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  10. No idea if that is sarcasm but if it is then my apologies but no it doesnt it says a single xp bottle, and if origami spends 2k on 1 because of a misleading title then...
  11. It was sarcasm:p And its not about the money or items, but the title he gains:)
  12. i swear imma laugh so hard if it turns out its ONE XP bottle
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  13. Misleading?
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  14. Get ready to laugh: it is just one Exp bottle. If it was a single chest I would of said so
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