[AUCTION] Single Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3, Efficiency 5 Diamond Pickaxe (LVL 50)

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  1. Description
    1 Diamond pickaxes enchanted at level 50.

    All Un-Used.

    1 x Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V

    Start Bid

    Minimum Bid Increments

    Auction End
    24 Hours After Last Bid.


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  2. How much rupees how do you have ?!?!
    Whatever, 7.1k
  3. my FINAL bid (maybe):
  4. Lol, my pockets are deep. You really must want this pickaxe. I'll back away from this one. Good luck, hope you get it : )
  5. Thanks, I gonna be low on rupees after this.
    How long is one day !
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  6. -guhenry3, Today at 1:05 AM

    Bidding stands at 7600Rupees with 14 hours 32 minuets remaining.
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  7. I win at 7.6k !
  8. Well Done guhenry3
    I shall make a Shop for you in The Bank of 3153 Smp2.
    Feel free to come collect it when you have a free moment.
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  9. I can't get online getting this error:
    Join free for instant access at: http://Empire.us code: *******
  10. Where's the bank
  11. The Bank is in the Royal District of my res. If you were to head to the castle, it is the building with twin spires on the lefthand side of the road.
    Use the access sign to gain entry to the vault where the pickaxe is held in a Player Shop for you.
    If you still struggle ask another member of SMP2, most know my residence layout and will be willing to help you find the bank.
    I am still away from my computer for at least another 2 hours so won't be able to help.
  12. It says that "This shop is out of stock."
Thread Status:
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