(auction single chest of ender pearls)

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  1. ITEM: single chest full of ender pearls
    STARTING BID: 500 rupees
    END TIME: 24 hours after last bid
    BID INCREMENTS: 50 rupees
    PICK UP: SMP4 8496
  2. its only a single chest so only 27 stacks of 16 ender pearls
  3. Which items can be auctioned off?
    Updated: 08/05/2012
    Auctions may consist of the following:

    • Enchanted items in unused condition and in any quantity
    • Dragon Eggs
    • Any item in bulk (Double Chests ONLY with STACKED items in each slot, or 54 unstackable items) For example: 54 Buckets or 54 FULL stacks of Diamonds
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  4. i am sorry i didn't know this but i have to cancel this bid cause for it to be legal has to be double chest full thank you faith caster for telling me i appreciate it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.