-[Auction]- Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Fortune II

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  1. Item 1 - Silk touch, Unbreaking 3 Pickaxe

    Condition - New (Can provide screenshots if need be)

    item 2 - Fortune 2 Pickaxe

    Condition - New

    Starting Bid - 1k

    Minimum increments - 500

    Auction will end - Sunday, June 17th at 6pm EST.
  2. wait, you can have silk and fortune? How does that work out, do you get more ores?
  3. xD sorry, read it wrong. I just read the title. Sorry.
  4. Yeah, an unfortunate error I made and didn't realize until after it had been posted haha.
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  5. Just a note: If you get silk and fortune together it cancels and you just get a single or and the fortune "doesn't function". My Friend tested it on Single Player with that "too many items or something mod".
  6. Read op please, before posting.
  7. Single Player commands, with that you can add enchantments like sharpness 100 and knockback 100, fire aspect 100, looting 100 Yay!
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  8. highest bid is 6k by DeadSkaia
  9. Yeah Fortune 100 or something gets you like a stack with one ore!!
  10. Yeah I saw that, I'm saying that if it was like that then they would cancel.
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  12. Is this auction for a silk touch, Unbreaking 3 or three separate picks?
  13. See OP
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