Auction: Silk Touch, Unbreaking III and Efficiency IV Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. One unused diamond pickaxe with silk touch, unbreaking III and efficiency IV.

    [EDIT: This auction is still open!]
    • Minimum bid/reserve price: 5,000r
    • Minimum bid increment: 100r
    • Bidding (this auction) will end 12 hours after the last bid
    • You must collect the pickaxe from my lot on smp1 (1124) - once you have paid i will set up an access chest for you
    • Non-payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    • Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.
    • Item is unused (as previously stated)
    • Any bid on this item within the previous stipulations will be considered a binding agreement, so if you bid, you should be able to pay the price that you have bid should you win. So no backing out once you have bid.
    Good Luck!

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  2. I'm going offline now, and I may not be online when this ends (at the moment it will end in about 11 hours, at 9:27am GMT) as I will have geography to do :(
    However, although I may not be online at the finishing time, whenever that is in the end, I confirm that it will end 12 hours after the latest bid at that time, even though I will not be able to post "Auction Closed" right away.
    Oh, and thanks for your bid pgoubert :)
  3. your welcome im happy :)
  4. Whyyyy, I am willing to give 10k for this one.
  5. Yeah, I would love to accept 10k for it, but I did specifically say...
  6. maybe no1 auctioned due to downtime
  7. yeah, but i said
    not "12 hours of the website being up after the last bid"

    Of course, I'd be happy to continue to accept bids, but I don't think it's very fair, so I don't think I should.
  8. No but i mean i think ther r exceptions if no1 was able to bid there should be add some time
  9. I would love to keep bidding open for obvious reasons, but especially as this is my first auction, i think it's best to clearly stay inside my own rules.
  10. You must admit that Makrom is right: if the website was up, I was able to post my bid within the specified time.
  11. I'll ask a moderator's opinion :)
  12. That's ok :) It's nothing personal by the way. It just I'd really like to buy that pick.

    Having read what this thread has to say about this, I think that I'll ignore the past 39 hours (since the downtime began, I believe) and therefore this auction still has another 9 hours, as 12 hours since FooHundred's bid is in 9 hours time, excluding the downtime and the time that this auction was paused after the downtime.

    If anybody disagrees with this, then I may have to change the terms again, but I'll only do so if there's a very good and appropriate reason to do so.

    9 hours to go!