[Auction] Silk Touch I, Unbreak III, Efficiency V, Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Diamond Pickaxe - Silk Touch 1 , Unbreak 3, Efficiency 5

    Condition - Brand New

    Starting bid - 10,ooo Rupees

    Minimum bid Increments - 250 Rupees

    Auction end - 24 Hours After the latest high bidder has posted
  2. i suggest looking at how much you bid...:eek::eek:
  3. fail i meant 11000
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  4. Thought i'd struck it lucky then ;)
  5. kk hehe
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  6. oestenspandekag is the current high bidder at 11k. Bidding ends at 7.47 GMT
  7. Never will the Auction King turn down opportunity.

  8. Roblikescake win's ! Visit smp6 ~ 12300 to collect. I will set up a chest on the second floor on the right hand side. It will only be accessible to you.
  9. Got the pick :)
  10. I have never lost an auction I've entered
  11. If there's an auction for something nice and I have not bid yet, call the police.
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