[AUCTION]silk touch I efficiency II diamond pickaxe

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  1. description:winning this auction you will get one diamond pickaxe silk touch 1 efficiency 2
    starting bid:1,500r
    minimum bid increase:250r
    auction closes 12 hours after the last bid or 48 hours after nobody bids

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  2. pick it up at 4454 smp2
  3. Moemaczap winning with 5k
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  4. Argh, i thought the pickaxe was mine! :(
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  5. theres still time to bid like a pig
  6. I dont have that many rupees....
  7. funny someone stole a silk touch I eff II pick from me...
  8. i enchanted it myself
  9. 10 hours and 30 min till the end
  10. New leader
  11. Any others?
  12. No more bids?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.