Auction: Silk Touch Efficiency III Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Silk Touch I, Eff III Diamond pickaxe (x2!) -- Me AND Mystul both have the exact same pick, so when mine sells, fear not, another auction for the same item will start :)
    *Starting bid 4K
    * Minimum bid increment: 100r
    * Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you (Same goes for Mystul's)
    * Non-payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    * Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else. (Unless the offer is unresistable)
    * All items are *Unused!*
    * Reserve Price is 10k
  2. I have the exact same pick - and after talking with jack - we want to combine our auctions--- so up for grabs is TWO silk touch eff. 3 diamond picks... top bid is allowed to purchase both if desired for stated amount... 2nd highest will buy my pick

    Jack will verify this above.

    Mystul (Free sheep's wool dude)
  3. Damnit will! 6.2k.
  4. nice pick. :p

    you're supposed to say what your reserve price is, but I'm gonna guess it's 10k lol.
  5. Hey jackomighty, please alter your original post to ensure these required items are present. :)
    These items must be present in all auctions from now on.

    Required information:
    Auctions lacking any of this information will be deleted from the forum without notice.
    • State the item type, all enchantements on it, and the condition of the item (unused, slighly used). Do not auction items that are more than slightly used.
    • Set a minimum starting bid/reserve price (for the purpose of EMC auctions, the minimum bid and the reserve price are that same thing; secret reserve prices are not allowed, this information must be stated).
    • Set an amount of time after the last bid that the auction will close. It's up to you how long; 12 hours is the usual amount of time.
    • State the transaction details. Typically, you would have the buyer collect the item from your lot - set up a chest with an access sign for them. Do not do this until payment is recieved.
  6. My pick is
    Silk Touch
    Eff. 3

    I leave Jack to post both as 'one' from my previous posting... I will have the box at my res - for the second pick.
  7. I'll just bid 12k
  8. Thanks Shaun, and Mystul, I just got back, ill change the post right now =)
  9. I'd actually just like to combine like i placed in my post.... i.e. top 2 bids gets them... OR the top bid gets to buy both at stated price..
  10. Well-- i dont want to highjack his auction the idea was 2 are offered but you are bidding for one.... NOT 2...
    they are to be sold seperate for the highest bids
  11. Just to state current bid is
    12000 for 1 pick...
    option of second for same price....

    Wasn't my intent to confuse the auction to being for 2 picks.... 2 seperate picks :)
  12. Mystul, I made a mistake, my pick is Eff IV And I just realized, im going to repost and recreate =)
  13. OUch - well thats better for you.... ill get with black then and see if he wants mine or wait for yours....