AUCTION: silk touch diamond pick with unbreak 3 and efficiency 3

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  1. i haven't gotten a response from the person who originally bidded 20,000, so i'll reopen the bidding, starting at just that. if you match it, that counts too.
  2. O_O can we bid less if so i bid 10k xD
  3. sure but im not going to give it to you for 10k
  4. starts at 20,000.
  5. oops... sorry.
  6. nurgles you get it :)
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  7. JEEZ nurgle how you have so much rupees?
  8. No I get it! I won the other one, u cant just open it again! I'm gonna pay my 20k in 4 days I am on holidays, could not get to ur reply or inbox coz of timelines and my alerts were pooping up!
  9. rupees r not hard to get I'm not a supporter and i Have 47K :)