[AUCTION] Silk Touch 3 Eff 3 Unbreak 3 and Fortune 3 Eff 4

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  1. Hi! I am auctioning off these following items:
    a silk touch eff 3 unbreaking 3
    A fortune 3 eff 4

    Starting bid: Silk Touch eff 3 unbreaking 3 6k rupees
    Starting bid: Fortune 3 Eff 4 4k rupees

    Auction will end 24 hours after the last bid
    Minimum increase: 500r
    will contact you if you won

    Do format your bid like this:
    [Your Bid]
    [Server Name]

    Good Luck!!!;)
  2. silk touch 6.5k smp9
  3. Silk touch 9k smp2
  4. Lets do a 9.5k!!! Come on!
  5. Silk touch 10k smp2
  6. Silk touch 12k smp2
  7. 14k
    Silk touch
  8. Fortune
  9. 14.5k for silk! come on minecrafters!!!!
  10. silk touch sold for 14k to DangerousPopcorn and fortune to Muffincraft!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.