[ Auction ] Shiny Arrows

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  1. Item: Five stacks of shiny arrows
    Starting Bid: 5k
    Minimum Bid increment: 500r
    Auction ends: 72 hours after last valid bid
    Pick-up: By mail
    Shiny Arrow facts:
    Shiny arrows do 10% more damage when fired from normal/enchanted bow
    When fired from Marlix Bow, the arrow will split and fire a second arrow.
    Kill the creepers before they even see you!
    Happy bidding!
  2. Final, (and first) bump before you all miss out on this... seriously though how can you not bid?these arrows and marlix bow combined are insanely powerful you could rule the pvp arenas!
  3. Okay, Auction closed :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.