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  1. Hi there, I will be auctioning off several promo items at one great price.

    (Thank you, Aikar for coding these.)

    1. Haunted Head (2013 Halloween Promo)
    Place it, right click it, and it will give you haunted candy once every 24 hours.

    2. Independence Day Fireworks (2013 and 2014)
    Red, white, and blue, random effect.

    3. Lucky Bow (For voters who have helped EMC get on TopG's top 10 list.)
    Unbreaking X
    Power V
    Looting IV

    4. Cupid's Bow
    Unbreaking III

    Makes people/mobs have love bubbles over them when shot.

    Starting Bid: 20k.
    Maximum Time before Final Bidder Wins: 1 day 12 hours.
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k.
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  2. 50,000r.
  3. Oh yeah, and please pay first, and tell me where you want it delivered (set up a chest).
  5. TBH, I would bid more but the end time is wayyy to long. Im out
  6. End time changed to 1 day and 12 hours.
  7. I do not think you can do that if there are bidders...
  8. Yes. He is correct. You are not allowed to change the details on an auction once posted.
  9. Oh well, I guess I'll wait 3 days then...
  10. You can if you ask a mod to edit it via PM :)
  11. As I'm about to bid now, and it is decreasing the time, not extending it, I've changed the OP to 1 day and 12 hours after the last bid.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.