[AUCTION] Set of Protection IV Diamond Armor with Enchanted Bow and Sword. Items are slightly used!

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  1. Item: Diamond Armor Protection IV, Diamond Sword Sharp III; Knockback II; Fire Aspect II. And Bow with Power III.

    Minimum Bid Increase: 200 rupees.

    Pickup: Res 906 on Smp1.

    Starting: 3,000 rupees.

    Ending: 48 hours after last valid bid



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  2. Dont click below, it just made me do that, lol
  3. Sorry but you cannot auction enchanted items that are used at all.
    Requesting this be shut down.
  4. How do i shut it down?
  5. I already requested it, dont worry about it.
  6. Just ask a mod to close it.
  7. Ok sounds good
  8. Anyways, I would be willing to buy it from you in the slightly used condition they are in.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.