(AUCTION) Set of 9 Enchanted books,1

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  1. Hi i'm auctioning off a set of 9 Enchanted books all enchanted at level 30.
    Starting bid 100r
    Auction ends 24 hr after last bidder
    Pickup on smp5 res 10995
    Bid anything above 100r
    List of books is:2 bane of arthropods IV,2 protection III,1 sharpness III,3 power IV and 1 fortune III
    I will be doing 1 of these every week so if u want some other book i may have it in the next auction.
    Happy bidding!!!
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  2. oh wait, i can't bring these to smp 6 can I...
  3. Well looks like frozenforger won with 2k when I finish my schooling for the day I'll make a access chest at my res.
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  4. Enchanted "books" ?
    Please explain :p

    There's a /vault system in-game where you can transfer items from each Server.
  5. There's currently a bug in the system (i think), so you cant vault enchanted books.
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  6. Ya it will be fixed soon
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  7. wait u can enchant bookz? AAWWEESSOOMMEE
  8. it already ended
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  9. Okay.. My question is: Why is he saying Books when he's doing Diamond tools and armour..

    And they're not enchanted books.. They're written books..
  10. You can enchant books now, Gap. You can then apply the book's enchantment to a tool, weapon, or armor using an anvil.
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