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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by IMN666, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm on SMP5. Bids will remain open until 9pm EST tonight. Highest bid at that time will win the disc. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Invalid auction, has to be a full double chest.
    Unless this isn't an auction, in which case, wrong section of the forums.
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  3. 20r is this an valid auction without a startbid and the other informations?
  4. It's confusing is what it is. Firstly, the title says he is selling, but then this is in the auction section.
    So no idea.
  5. You have to sell a double chest worth. He did not give all the correct info either. Sorry.
  6. moved to products. and please explain what info i'm missing?
  7. Invalid auction. You can't auction 1 item. You have to auction a double chest of an item. e.g a double chest of discs. You can't auction 1 disc.
  8. Guys this is not a invalid auction. He simply posted a thread to advertise a auction that is going on at smp5. This is a live auction not a forum auction to sum it up.
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  9. Since those are still really rare and from the recent update, the auction is valid.
  10. Nope. He would have to get permission from a member of staff for anything that isnt listed as acceptable.
  11. Wrong, there is a list of auctionable items. That disc is not on it. Therefor, invalid.
  12. You guys are harsh.
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  13. I'm explaining to him why it's not valid. How am I being harsh?
  14. Also it should've looked like this

    Item: "Wait" Disc

    Starting Bid: XXX

    Minimum Bid Increase: XXX

    Auction End Time: XXX

    Auction Pickup: XXX
  15. 1.Its not even a auction.
    2.If it was a auction he would only need 1 person to explain that it's invalid instead of having 5 people get into a war wither it's invalid or not .
  16. Are you not even paying attention? He posted it in the auction section. He thought it was an auction. I was explaining that it wasn't a valid auction.
  17. He wanted a mod to move it to auctions
  18. You didn't have it moved, you created a new one.
    Wither skulls are rare and from the recent update, but you still have to auction a double chest of them.
  19. wow, you guys are really touchy. excuse me for putting in the wrong spot. lesson learned.
    wow, technicalities. do you feel better now?
  20. No.
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