[Auction] SElling Marlixias full set of armor.

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  1. Starting bid 5k
    Bid increase 1k
    End in 2 days
    Helment enchantments: Unbreaking III and Projectile Protrction IV
    Chestplate enchantments: Protection IV and unbreaking III
    Legging enchantments: Protection IV unbreaking III
    Boots enchantments: Unbreaking III Protection IV and feather Falling IV
  2. So this is not marlix armor?
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  3. It is Leather Armor just making sure everyone know
    :)Thank you
  4. No it is his brother's
  5. So custom leather armor?
  6. Yes. Bascially this is an unofficial copy of FDNY21's set that he made for me. I have no idea why he is doing it...
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  7. If you would like to know who made it it was stormboy231.
  8. He did not make it. He won it off of me.
  9. lolz :rolleyes:
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  10. No stormboy231 won off you and I bought from him
  11. Come on guys where are the bids?
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  14. Come on it brother's armor
  15. Once again, please do not bump for 3 hours after the last post in the thread.
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