[Auction] Sea Lanterns And Prismarine bricks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by OriginalScuf, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Last time on Empire MInecraft, We had ShrinkingMatt in the lead with 71k! But recemrly their have been reports of HxCami10 in the lead with a whooping 95k! Will any one steal his bid or will he win it all? More details later on! BUMP
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  2. Welcome back to Empire MInecraft everyone! Today we have HxCami10 in the lead with 98k! Can/will any one over rule him? Find out later on! BUMP
  3. Congrats Qwertyip! You have won the auction! Access chests will be setup after payment!
  4. Forgot to add, I had to move the location to /v 15857@Auction due to some issues with a build:p
  5. Payment has been revived. Access chests granted on res /v 15857@Auction thank you for bidding everyone!
  6. Thank you OriginalScuf,
    Will pickup when next online.