[ Auction ] Scuba Suit + Nether Suits

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  1. Description:
    3 Diamond Armor "Suits"

    Expanded Description:

    Fire and Lava Survival
    Fire Protection IV on helmet, chest, leggings, boots
    Swim through lava if you have to with this suit. The ultimate defense for the unfortunate nether falls and bad battles.

    Explosion Survival
    Blast Protection IV on chest, leggings, boots. Fire protection III on helmet
    Ghasts? Creepers? Pffft. Make. My. Day.

    Scuba Gear!
    Helmet - Respiration III, Aqua Afinity
    Chest, Leggings, Boots - Protection IV
    Survive underwater for as long as you have food! Break blocks at the same speed as on the surface. This is the ultimate tool for those underwater projects in the wild! Armor takes zero damage so use this suit ONLY for underwater stuff and it will last forever.

    Total of 12 Pieces of Diamond armor

    Starting Bid: 5000r
    Bid Increments: 100r
    Ending: 24 Hours after last bid. Winner will get an access sign on the brown floor of my shop after payment. (SMP2, v 3456)
  2. :( nooo i just spent my money :(
  3. All new? And I'm guessing it comes together?
  4. :( definately cant make last ditch effort bid of 1.2k
  5. all new and comes together
  6. 12k

    EDIT: By the way, do you have any feather falling boots?
  7. Did i outbid alex????? lol
  8. 31k has the top bid
  9. Did I win or is it going to be extended due to the website being down
  10. Probably.
  11. 30 hours ago from now is 8pm so lets say when we restart the times it is at 17hours
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.