[AUCTION] SC of Silk Touch 1 Eff 2 Diamond Picks

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  1. Item: 27 x Silk Touch I Efficiency II Diamond Pickaxe
    Starting Bid: 5,000 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 500 Rupees
    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 24 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it

    Pickup will be on smp2 res # 3551

    Note: some picks have Silk Touch I listed as the first enchant, while some have Efficiency II listed as the first enchant. All picks have both enchants in some order, but not all picks have the same item ID.
  2. 6k.
    Dat silk
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  3. I'll split witha someone. 7k
  4. And darthin has won the auction with 12k!
    I may not have internet access for the next few days, so I'll go ahead and give you access to the chest at 3551. Please pay as soon as you can.
  5. Paid in full, all items collected. Deal is complete. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.