[AUCTION] SC of Level 30 Enchanted Diamond Picks

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  1. Hello, Im back.

    This time with a staggering SC Of level 30 Enchanted Picks.
    NOTICE: The picks have been randomly enchanted, not repaired and are all unused and Diamond.

    Nevertheless, Here we go!

    Here are all the enchants:

    1: Fortune II
    2: Fortune II Unbreaking IV
    3: Efficiency II Fortune I Unbreaking II
    4: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    5: Efficiency IV
    6: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    7: Unbreaking III
    8: Unbreaking III Fortune III Efficiency IV
    9: Unbreaking III Efficiency III
    10: Unbreaking III
    11: Fortune II
    12: Efficiency IV Silk Touch I
    13: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Silk Touch I
    14: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    15: Efficiency IV
    16: Efficiency IV
    17: Efficiency IV Silk Touch I

    18: Efficiency IV Silk Touch I

    19: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV

    20: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV

    21: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Silk Touch I

    22: Unbreaking III Silk Touch I
    23: Efficiency IV
    24: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    25: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Fortune III
    26: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    27: Unbreaking III

    Guys Hope you like it!

    Auction Bidding begins at: 7500r
    Minimum Bidding Increments: 500r
    Pickup Location: 14925 (Smp7)
    Auction Ends 48 Hours after last VALID Bid:

    Happy Bidding, Good Luck!
  2. 7500
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  3. 8.5
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  4. I NEEEDD 9k
  5. sam back off, we cant compete with u, u have like 800k or something .... I bid 9.5
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  6. >_>
    well I cant bid any higher ;-;
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  7. Ugh, well that's a bit of a problem. Sam has 800k will out bid ANYONE, I need someone BIG.
  8. Before Bed Bump- NIGHT
  9. You are allowed to give your auction a bump once every 3 hours ONLY if 3 hours has passed since the last post. A bid counts as a post, so please don't make posts like "USER123 is in the lead with 1000r!" unless 3 hours has past since that post. Abuse of bumping will result in the loss of auction rights as well.
  10. Eclipsys dont do this to me!
  11. Not worth it for me anymore, you got it :p
  12. Unbreaking IV?! That's a good enchanting :p
  13. Lol, it was late at night, my eyes were fuzzy. OK
    That's unbeaking 3

    and. Good Morning Bump!
  14. Schlaf82 in the lead with 25k
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