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  1. Hello!

    I'm here with an SC of randomly enchanted books to auction!

    1: Bane of Arthropods IV
    2: Power V
    3: Protection III
    4: Infinity I
    5: Blast Protection IV
    6: Looting II
    7: Knockback II

    8: Protection II
    9: Unbreaking III
    10: Thorns III

    11: Sharpness III

    12: Protection III

    13: Feather Falling IV
    14: Protection IV
    15: Power III

    16: Efficiency II
    17: Looting III
    18: Fortune II
    19: Power IV
    20: Unbreaking III
    21: Smite IV

    22: Unbreaking III
    23: Bane of Arthropods IV
    24: Efficiency IV
    25: Feather Falling IV
    26: Protection III
    27: Punch II

    Bidding Starts at: 1500r
    Minimum bid increments: 1000r
    Auction pick-up: 14925 (Smp7) Chest will be there for the winner.
    Auction Ending time: Exactly 48hrs after last valid bid.

    Happy Bidding!
  2. M4nic, this bid is no valid. As Marknaaijer bided higher, first. Please place a new bid or.. don't. This bid will not be counted.
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  3. ah, need to refresh my page more often :p
  4. Bidding is closed. Congratulations M4nic_m1ner, come to the pickup point where a chest will be waiting for you. Once you have payed.
  5. Ok, sorry ive been at school. The chest is ready
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.