[Auction] Saltar Rare Promo Horse

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  1. Item: Saltar Promo Horse
    Starting Bid: 75k
    Min. Bid Increment: 2k
    Auction Ends: 36 Hours After Last Valid Bid

    As the image indicates, this is a used horse.
    Color: Black White
    Speed: 92.57%
    Jump: 100%
    HP: 28.00
  2. You can view it at 14006 on smp7
  3. Dont you have to mention that it is used?
  4. Not sure but it is used and I can't edit the OP, The link to the pic didn't work but you can see it at 14006
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  5. Even if i win i will still pay the 130k i had placed but it would have been nice if you did mention that it was used and not unused. Just letting you know for later on if you have another auction like this :)
  6. if you win I'll refund you your money and take back the horse :)
  7. Actually I noticed that the horse was used as i had checked it out before placing the bid so I have no problem paying that price, I've been looking for promo horses for so long now and have succeeded quite a bit. I was just letting you know as other players may not have went to your res to check the preview sign. Like i said, if i win i can still pay the full 130k
  8. Mine 220,000