[AUCTION] Saddles (DC)

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  1. This is an auction for one double chest (54) of saddles.

    You can bid any amount you want at any time, but only the highest bid before the end time wins.

    Auction Ends: 12:00 Noon, Sunday, August 4th. 8/4/13. The highest bid BEFORE 12:00 Noon wins. Time zone EST.

    Auction Pick-Up: Res 735 on SMP1

    Happy bidding!
  2. Cordial_Pie in the lead at 11k, equal to about 204 per item which is a GREAT price! Keep bidding!

    Remember, all bids must be placed BEFORE the clock strikes 12 Noon tomorrow!
  3. Just to ask, What if someone bids on 12 noon tomorrow?
  4. Won't count. Has to be sent BEFORE 12, not 12 or before.

    (Answering a question doesn't count as a bump right? Don't wanna get in trouble)
  5. I don't think so, it's just providing more information about your auction. You should be alright.
  6. Bump. Winning is still Cordial_Pie at 11k, and still a great price at 204r per item! Keep bidding!
  7. Bump. Just under 3 hours left!
  8. Once payment is received, an access chest will be set up at 735 on SMP1.

    Congrats Cordial_Pie!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.