auction- saddle

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  1. INFO: my minecraft user name is: "zbalda97" server: "smp4" adress: "8917"

    DETAILS: this item is a rare saddle that you can only find in chests that are left in abandon mine shafts deep under the ground. you can put it on pigs, spiders, ect. and ride them.

    BID RULES: starting bid: "100r" you must bid at least ten more than the last bid for it to count.
    The winner will be determined after 12hours from the last bid. after my money is received i will set up a chest at my house that you will be able to get in to.

    no cheating or you will be reported and band
    thank-you, zbalda97
  2. Also, this item can be bought out for 2.5k
  3. oh, ok... sry
    how do take it off?