AUCTION: Redstone farm glory!

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  1. I will make you redstone farm contraptions, (pumpkin,sugarcane,melon,wood,steak&leather,egg,cocobeans,and ALOT MORE!)


    *I supply materials
    *I build all farms
    *I will make them high quality, (high number of drops per cycle)
    *Can build wherever you want me to
    *Basically free money (supply and demand on items)
    *Will not use container on your res
    *And much MORE!


    Starting bid: 5K
    The highest bid after 48 hours wins!
    May the odds be in your favor! (they never are, Katniss.) *slaps prim*
    I will pm you if you win!

  2. would you continue a build i have started and make it as big as i want it
  3. wait wut

    Okay, starting off, you can't auction this. Auctions can only consist of what is listed in JackBiggins auction rules thread.
    Secondly, this is in the wrong forum.

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  4. This is wrong on so many levels.
    This is all that needs to be said..
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  5. I think that is why he put it in this forum. But you are right, he should put it as a service with set price.
  6. Closing it due it not being a Valid Auction and in wrong section. If want people to buy your redstone device just make a thread explain what you make and how it will cost them
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Thread Status:
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