[AUCTION] Rare, Equivalent of 4 DC's of Egg in 1 DC, and Equivalent of 1 DC of Beds in 1 stack.

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  1. This auction is for the equivalent of 4 double chests of Egg in 1 double chest...
    and the equivalent of 1 double chest of Beds in 1 stack.

    This is legit, not photoshopped, etc. This auction has been mod/staff approved.

    The starting bid will be 1000 r.

    Minimum bid increase will be 250r.

    This Auction will end 24 hours after the last valid bid or 3 days from the time of this post, whichever comes first.

    After winning, and paying, you will be given access to this double chest and chest at 8122 (on smp4).
    Or, I will deliver to town on any server, after the winner pays.

    Thank you.

    Some more info...
    Items can Not be stacked like this anymore.
    These stacks are indeed exactly how many items they say they are.
    the proper way to move these stacks is by Shift-Clicking them, but if you drop them on the ground, they become single Beds and stacks of just 16 Egg.
    They can be vaulted to any server, no problem.
    If the winner wants, I will deliver, ensuring that you get exactly what is described and pictured, here.

  2. For teh eggz! 1k
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  3. How did you get them to stack like that?!
  4. 4.5k :D
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  5. Thank you all for your bids.
    MVPworldseries wins. Thanks.
    I started a private message about pay and pickup.
  6. Dang. . .woulda gone to 7k but couldn't get here in time :confused:
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