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  1. Item for auction: 16 DC of Wool 1 DC of each color
    Starting Bid: 32k
    Minimum bid increment: 1k
    Auction ending time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Pickup instructions:
    • Visit 14888 on SMP7
    • Walk through the EMERALD gateway
    • Look for #04

    Delivery may be discussed in a PM.

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  2. Supa cheap!
  3. Like seriously. Less than 38r per stack cheap.
  4. Perhaps I will lower the starting bid.
  5. Good save there. xD
  6. Yeehaw i'm here 33333r
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  7. wool you be mine?
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  8. Only an hour left until this auction's conclusion! Bid now or forever hold your rupees!
  9. who were you asking to marry here? lol
  10. You've won this auction!
    Sorry for the delay there as my internet was out last night.
    You may pick up your wool by following the instructions in the OP. Thanks for coming! :)
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